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Their Stories: A Photo Exhibition of Michael Xiao

2019-09-05 14:10:48
Their Stories: A Photo Exhibition of Michael Xiao

“Recording the moments of our lives. Through the words and lenses, he connects his experiences. There’s no harsh and stern words, but through it, he arouse our self-reflection.”
A photography exhibition of Michael Xiao will be held from 20th Sep. to 19th Oct., 2019 at the Art Center of NCHU. Humanity photographer Michael Xiao, was born in Macau, growing up in Hong Kong, studied in Taiwan, and graduated from Department of English in National Chengchi University. He came into contact with photography through society which later become his lifetime career. He served in the “National Geographic”, “Rhythms Monthly”, and currently serving in Tzu Chi Monthly magazine. With more than thirty years’ photography experience, he had been to countless countries. There’s wars, disasters, poverty, and moments of lives. He has received plenty of world press photography awards, and some of them repeatedly.
This exhibition offers great resource of educational materials for school and community activities. We are looking forward to seeing you at the art center and enjoy the indicative and functional aesthetic space.
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Admission Free
Date: 20th Sep. ~ 19th Oct., 2019
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00, Mon. to Sun. (closed on public holidays)
Venue: Art Center, NCHU (The 7th floor in Library building)

  • Principal Wanz Yan
  • Tel +886-422840449
  • E-mail
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