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Lasting Affection for Ink Painting—Special Exhibition: Nin-Ko at 90

2020-03-18 16:44:06

Lasting Affection for Ink Painting—Special Exhibition: Nin-Ko at 90
This exhibition is staged at the Art Center of NCHU from 26th March to 25th April. Apart from the sublime beauty of its mountains and streams, Nantou County is also renowned as a center of art and culture. Nantou has nurtured many acclaimed artists, and is also known for its art communities. Among the many outstanding artists from Nantou, Mr. Nin-Ko stands out for the depth of his artistic credentials and tremendous contributions to literature.

Nin-Ko was born in 1931. He graduated from Fuxinggang Art Academy, was active in Taiwan's art community. He excels at portraying the mysterious atmosphere of mist and cloud, and especially favors application of varying colors in figurative and semi-abstract compositions. Incorporating his mood at the time, he creates works of breathtaking beauty. Regardless of whether painting realistically or in an impressionistic vein, Nin-Ko is completely at home, and reveals a distinctive individual character and style that relies on stillness to evoke movement. In his paintings, the changeable peaks, expansive countryside, and running rivers are impressive in their vigor, and he employs dense pigments and overlapping blocks in combination with the colors of the four seasons. Sometimes casual and carefree, and sometimes serious and sober, Nin-Ko wields his brush with ease and confidence, which highlights the remote tranquility of his scenes. Future generations will learn much from this model artist with the heart of a child who both embraces tradition and has no fear of innovation.

Apart from his love of art, Nin-Ko has also devoted himself to promoting art and his homeland. He helped found the Nantou County Literary Association, Qingxi New Literary Society, Nantou Painting School, and other societies, has served as a judge at numerous national art competitions, and has striven to promote various art and literary activities. At the same time, in keeping with his devotion to literature, and talent for both painting and writing, he published over 10 volumes of the "Collected Color Ink Paintings of Nin-Ko”, and over 40 works spanning the range of short stories, dramas, essays, and critical writings. He received the Ziqiang Award for the Arts and Literature in 1977, the Outstanding Artistic and Literary Worker Award in 1979, the Chinese Culture and Art Medal in 1985, the Yushan Literary Contribution Award in 2008, and the Yushan Artistic Contribution Award in 2013, among other major awards and honors, and has been invited to over 100 exhibitions.

Nin-Ko will celebrate his 90th birthday this year, and his hearty personality, dedication, self-confidence, sense of humor, and vigor never fail to impress people, and account for his reputation as a bit of a mischievous child in the art world. This exhibition has the theme of "Lasting Affection for Ink Painting" includes over 100 of Nin-Ko's paintings and ceramic paintings, as well many of his writings from over the years. This exhibition offers great resource of educational materials for school and community activities. We are looking forward to seeing you at the art center and enjoy the indicative and functional aesthetic space.
►Exhibition Information
Admission Free
Date: 26th March, 2020 ~ 25th April, 2020
Opening hours: 9:00-17:00 from Mon. to Fri., 10:00-16:00 from Sat. to Sun. (closed on public holidays)
Venue: Art Center, NCHU (The 7th floor in Library building)