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[OIA] National Chung Hsing University's International Students Celebrated Year-End Reunion Dinner

2023-12-21 14:46:44
Translated by Yu-Ying Chen, Office of International Affairs
At the end of the year, the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) organized a reunion dinner full of Taiwanese flavor for international students worldwide. This event was designed to let students who had traveled from afar to pursue their academic dreams feel the warmth of home and the company of family in a foreign land. It also served as an opportunity to express gratitude and blessings to faculty, staff, and friends.
This event attracted over 200 international degree-seeking students and exchange students from nearly 20 countries across Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, and Africa. OIA specially invited NCHU President, Dr. Fuh-Jyh Jan, for this significant event. The team was led by Dr. Chi-Chung Chou, Vice President for International Affairs with key members including Dr. Kai-Jung Chi (Associate Vice President for International Affairs), Dr. Peng-Yu Li (Director of Foreign Student Affairs Division), Dr. Edith Su (Director of Academic Exchange Division), Ms. Jen-Wen Chang (Secretary of OIA), and other colleagues from the OIA to join in this grand occasion.
The participating faculty and staff extended their blessings to the students. President Jan went from table to table to greet and encourage the students, even personally funding extra prizes for the raffle. Vice President Chou shared insights about the university’s and OIA' dedicated efforts to provide innovative services for the care of international students. He expressed his hope for the students to study earnestly and live well at NCHU, becoming better versions of themselves. During the feast, OIA staff thoughtfully arranged numerous interactive activities such as raffle drawings with practical gifts and a fun quiz game designed to stimulate and challenge students' understanding of the university. The event concluded with the students sharing their learning and living experiences at NCHU, in which they sincerely thanked NCHU for the care of international students and the efforts made to create an inclusive and friendly learning environment. The students expressed their gratitude for choosing NCHU, where they felt the comfort of a family-like environment.
The feast aimed to unite international students through a meal enriched with Taiwanese flavors, offering them an opportunity to directly experience the community spirit of traditional Taiwanese celebrations. Additionally, the event highlighted the role of OIA as a supportive backbone for foreign students, with its familial kind of support to assist their integration into the NCHU community. Our heartfelt thanks go to all the participants who made the event conclude with joyful laughter. The event successfully deepened the emotional bond between the university and the international students, leaving everyone with lasting and fond memories. Looking forward, the university anticipates continuing the open and inclusive approach, welcoming more students to join in shaping a brighter future together.
 ↑ President Jan gathered with international students, showing his full support and encouragement.  ↑ President Jan greeted students at each table.
 ↑ Vice President Chou drew the lucky winner.  ↑ Group photo of the year-end reunion dinner for NCHU’s international students.
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