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NCHU NTD29 Hearty Breakfast Made with Healthy Farm Products : The Best Breakfast Deal

2016-10-19 08:28:55

NCHU NTD29 Hearty Breakfast  Made with Healthy Farm Products : The Best Breakfast Deal                                                                                                             


National Chung Hsing University debuted its NTD29 Breakfast on September 12, 2016 in observation of LOHAS campaign. Students could enjoy a big hearty breakfast made with safe nutrition products from the Ching Hsing Farm. The NTD29 Breakfast Value Menu was so successful that the queue just gets longer every morning. 

The hearty breakfast menu comprises of Chung Hsing’s very homegrown farm products such as Huisun coffee, soya sauce, milk, rice. Each of the items in the menu uses little amount of oil and salt. Every morning, from Mon to Fri, fifty sets of NTD29 Breakfasts are being served at the All Pass restaurant located in the campus area. 

According to Chung Hsing University, breakfasts comes in one of the Japanese, English and Western styles each week and are freshly made upon orders being made. There are choice of the Huisun coffee or English tea and milk from the Chung Hsing farm is served during specific occasions.

The President of the University, Shieu Fuh-Sheng, explained the importance of having a morning meal and most of the time, students tend to skip breakfast either to save a buck or do not feel like waking up too early. As a result, the proportion of students skipping a morning occasion or is rather high or losing sight of eating a healthy balanced diet is high. Hence, as promoting efforts for students to consume Chung Hsing farm products and advocating LOHAS, with the alumni donations, the University was finally able to unveil the NTD29 best cheap breakfast menu with a meal cost of NTD 79 and priced at NTD139 in restaurants.    

In fact, 100 YEN breakfasts meals is commonly served in Japan’s universities and due to the inexpensive price, the percentage of students consuming breakfasts has increased and this has also become an unique student welfare for the local universities in Japan. Chung Hsing University is well reputed for its own farm products and it has been selling all kinds of good farm produces, with this NTD29 hearty breakfast menu plan in place, it allows students to have a better understanding of the various products that the school make and sell, and at the same time, increasing their food safety awareness.