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NCHU has created its own cute and fun LINE stickers

2016-12-29 10:10:16

NCHU has created its own cute and fun LINE stickers

LINE is a popular communication application. Chung Hsing University Library has created a series of LINE stickers, featuring many of its unique scenic corners, which include the Chung Hsing Pond, the swans, the tortoises, NCHU river bank(興大康堤), the library, the school main gate and etc. The designs also include humorous word expressions. In total, there are 40 such sticker designs available for purchase and download. In fact, Chung Hsing Library is the first library in Taiwan to have its own commercial LINE stickers.

The sticker creators team comprises of the library curator Su, Shiao-Feng(蘇小鳳), division head Wang, Chun-Hsiang(王春香), librarian Liu, Chun-Hung(劉俊宏) and five students. The team started from a draft concept and proceeded to sketches and computer graphics. Each design took about two months to finalize. 

These 40 LINE stickers have six different character sets, including white swan, tortoise, teachers and students and popular attractions in the Chung Hsing University, such as the black forest, Confucius monument, NCHU river bank(興大康堤), Chung Hsing Pond, library, administrative building, concrete bed in the male dormitory, canoe, basketball court and etc.

The students of the sticker designing team are from the departments of landscape, biological sciences, cultural and creative industry. Although Chung Hsing University does not have a department of design, the students took an interest and use their off class hours to learn graphic designing through self-learning. 

The Chung Hsing University library started a multimedia workshop in November 2015 and set up eight professional graphic design computers and one audio recording room. Experts from the private sector are invited to participate in the workshop and created the LINE sticker designing course. There was a competition at the end of the course and the students in the sticker designing team are also the winners. After ten months preparation, the LINE stickers are now officially available for purchase on September, 2016. 

To purchase these Chung Hsing Library LINE Stickers, please check out: