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NCHU plans a series of commemorative 98th anniversary activities

National Chung Hsing University celebrates its 98th anniversary that began with the sports day opening ceremony in the morning of November 2nd, 2017. Student athletes from every faculty marched into the stadium cheerily, while foreign student athletes from more twenty countries, including Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Swaziland, Belize, Gambia, USA, Germany and etc. dressed in national costumes marched with national flags raising up high in the air.

Other than the sports day, National Chung Hsing University has organized a series of arts and cultural activities. The Office Of Student Affairs hosted the music concert and Taichung Symphony Orchestra, little drummer boy Yue-Jyun Lyu(呂岳駿)and Yun-Artistic Dancing Company (昀藝舞蹈團) were the invited guest performers. The Office of the Research and Development held the social practice achievement exhibition at the library hall from November 1-2, 2017. The exhibition displayed outstanding work of 17 professors and students in areas that included agriculture technology and techniques, ecological preservation, soil and water conservation, life sciences, veterinary science, international volunteering and etc. The exhibition is a credible demonstration of Chung Hsing faculty and students for their years of social contribution.

The Office of International Affairs also held the international culture week from October 31 to November 3 that included Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Indonesia culture experience days. The Office of International Affairs and student representatives from the individual country were the ones mainly responsible for the planning of their culture experience day and everyone was able to enjoy genuine traditional delicious food, music, costume, games and handicraft.
Additionally, in observation of its 98th anniversary, National Chung Hsing University held several open day events, including tea producing alliance exhibition, orchids exhibition, insect exhibition of environmental education so that the general public can also join the eventful celebrations.