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NCHU’s New Recreational Path Ready for Use

National Chung Hsing University officially launched the recreational path on October 20, 2017. There are seven different theme path surrounding the school. Furthermore, the Computer and Information Network Center has developed a mobile application that allows users to obtain air quality, health information, ecological environment and humanity and cultural history as they walk on the path.

The recreational path is Taiwan’s first health path in the university campus using digital technology in fulfilling the LOHAS idea. The path is 3 km long and it takes about 40 minutes to finish a lap. Particularly, there are 11 air quality detectors along the facility to allow users in receiving real time air quality data information through mobile app, including PM2.5, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and etc. At the same time, there is also digital sign board that shows information on healthy eating and drinking, history of the specific area they are in and etc. Users also have the choice of using QR code to check on the Chung Hsing University LOHAS website for complete health information.

National Chung Hsing University is planning a two staged construction of the recreational path. So far, at the first stage, it has completed 0.8 km of demonstration route while the rest of the trail take on the existing roads. Eventually, road surface would be fixed and surrounding landscape beautified. It is anticipated that the construction of the smart recreational path will fully complete in 2018.