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Protecting the health of animal firefighters NCHU awards Tie Shiung(鐵雄) free medical card

2018-03-07 11:14:52
The animal firefighter hero Tie Shiung(鐵雄) from the Taichung Fire Bureau, who was part of the rescue team at the Hualien earthquake, was granted a complementary medical card. On February 14, 2018, all of the animal firefighters arrived at the National Chung Hsing veterinary university hospital for medical check-up. four were there for general check-ups and the hero Tie Shiung was there for his injured right leg and ear disease examination. They were accompanied by Yang Yuan-Chi(楊元吉), chief secretary of Taichung Fire Bureau and Chen Ter-Hsin(陳德勛), chief secretary of National Chung Hsing University. Chen Ter-Hsin personally handed out the complementary medical card to Tie Shiung. In future, a special medical team will be responsible making sure of Tie Shiung is in healthy shape.

Chen Ter-Hsin said that this marked the first complementary medical card and being the first veterinary university in the country, the Chung Hsing veterinary university prides itself in providing comprehensive veterinary science education courses and training facilities. Hence, it is expected that the Chung Hsing veterinary medical team should be an essential support to the animal firefighter rescue team in providing long term health examinations before and after duties. The National Chung Hsing University hopes to contribute to social responsibility by covering the health insurance of these animal heroes.

Tie Shiung had successfully completed its rescuing duty in the Hualien earthquake but the hero was also injured. On February 10, Tie Shiung was escorted back to Taichung after completing mission and the Chung Hsing veterinary team of fifteen immediately formed a special task force to take care of Tie Shiung’s condition. Tie Shiung has fully recovered from ear infection and paw injury during his return visit four days later on February 14. Lin Shiun-Long(林荀龍), the attending veterinarian said that all five animal firefighters are in their most healthy conditions and while only Tie Shiung has a slightly high level of phosphorus and potassium, Tie Shiung is encouraged to consume more water and to note bladder condition. Lin Shiun-Long requested for Tie Shiung to make a return visit for blood test in one to three months’ time.