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Linking International New Agriculture NCHU unveils its International Industry and Academia Alliance Southeast Asia - Ho Chi Minh Office

It is another new milestone in the international industry academia collaboration. National Chung Hsing University (NHCU) held the unveiling ceremony of the NCHU EMBA program for the Taiwanese CEO in Vietnam and International Industry and Commerce Alliance Southeast Asia-Ho Chi Minh Office at the Hotel Nikko Saigon on March 16, 2019. NCHU officially launched the program and alliance. NCHU also invited Vietnamese officials, overseas Chinese community and Taiwanese business people for the ceremony, whereby they made extensive interactions.

NCHU International Industry and Education Alliance focuses on "New Agriculture" and "Industry 4.0", focusing on "sustainable agriculture" and "circular economy" and being an accelerator for the academia and industrial community, while further industrializing and marketing technology. Eventually, the alliance aims to promote scientific and technological research and development of Taiwan through formation of a cluster with its members, and allowing businesses to showcase and internationalize their achievement of technological development.

Vietnam is mainly a agriculture country, with 70% of its population in the agriculture business, but the total agricultural output only accounts for about 18% of the GDP. Currently, Vietnam is undergoing industrial transformation and it needs agriculture restructuring and increased application of science and technology. Due to low productivity and quality of it agricultural outputs, many agricultural products have low competitiveness, there is also minimum level of investments, limited application of science and technology, excessive dependence on weather in agriculture production, and lack of stability in agricultural product sales, hence, NCHU plays an important role in promoting the internationalization of Taiwan technologies.

Through both Taiwanese in Vietnam EMBA program and the International Industry and Education Alliance, it aims to promote five major areas, namely: new ventures, industry-university cooperation, technology transfer, membership promotion and international talent cultivation in Vietnam. The fruitful research results accumulated by the NCHU College of Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Veterinary Medicine, and the College of Life Sciences are further supported by the School of Management faculty, especially bio-pesticide and bio-fertilizers, healthy seedlings and virus control, health foods and natural medicines. All in all, they come up with tailor made solution to solve industry problems, cultivate talents, and create a new channel for international cooperation.

Fuh-Sheng Shieu(薛富盛), President of NCHU said that NCHU’s achievement of research development in agriculture technology is extremely outstanding and the university will continue to promote "Taiwan Science and Technology Achievements Exhibition Hall" and the "Taiwan Products Exhibition Hall" in Vietnam and arrange for the participation of its alliance members. The "Technical Skills Training Center" is implemented under the cooperation of the Alliance and it Vietnamese partner, and together they also brings in the EMBA program, in promoting business management courses. The Ministry of Technology, Taiwan and the Ministry of Agriculture, Taiwan is the reason for the successful launch of the alliance. It also made Taiwan's new milestone from transforming from manufacturing to industrial innovation. With the establishment of the Southeast Asia-Ho Chi Minh Office of the International Industry and Academia Alliance, it has become an important platform for promotion of Taiwan's agriculture to Southeast Asia. In future, the office seeks for the creation of mutual beneficial cooperation by integrating potential technology and products in NCHU and exporting them to the rest of the world.