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1,980 square meters student union launched by NCHU

The Student Union, which serves as the student activity center of National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), was launched on March 12, 2019. The center occupies about 1,980 square meters and is beautifully redesigned, which include 4 professional rehearsal rooms, 5 interval sound training rooms, and 4 large and small meeting rooms, 4 discussion corners and a large performance hall. All in all, every corner and space is bright and spacious and definitely meeting the needs of the different club activities.

The NCHU student activity center was originally located on the second to the fourth floors of the Round Hall. In order to provide students with more independent and inclusive activity space, the school spent more than NT$16 million. After two years of planning and renovation, the relocation of 73 club activities was completed and moved to basement two to four of the Yun-Ping building.

Fuh-Sheng Shieu(薛富盛), president of NCHU, said that he hopes to stimulate students' enthusiasm for learning through the establishment of a good learning environment. After the school is established, students can make good use of their space and further excel their potentials.

The new student activity center consists of a Student Union(居學園) in the basement and offices for the social organizations from the second to fourth floors at the 雲平Building. On the main level, there is a Muslim prayer room and an international student room, providing Muslim students a prayer space and social networking among the international students.

On the opening day, Taekwondo Club, Pop Dance Club, Orchestra Club, Guitar Club, Ballroom Dance Club, Animal Conservation Club, Coffee Club, Flower Arrangement Club and etc. all participated enthusiastically. The coffee club and flair bartender club also make coffee and perform a flair bartending show in the public space, which is very lively. The former division heads of the student affairs and the presidents of the Student Council were also invited to the ceremony and witnessed the inauguration of the new space that symbolizes sustainability and continuity of the goodwill of NCHU.

The members of NCHU Taekwondo Club said that there was specified practice room for them in the past. Most of them had to use the gymnasium instead and they had to use reflections of the windows to see their practice movement. They now have a new practice hall room that is not only spacious and bright, the room is also equipped with big full mirrors that are easy for the practicing students to see clearly every movement and kick actions. In addition, the room is comfortably air conditioned.