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  • Carry on the past heritage and open up the future - Inauguration of NCHU President Fuh-Sheng Shieu at his reappointment

Carry on the past heritage and open up the future - Inauguration of NCHU President Fuh-Sheng Shieu at his reappointment

“The 16th Presidential inauguration and the arrival ceremony of first level officers” was held at National Chung Hsing University in the afternoon, August 1st. Fuh-Sheng Shieu, the distinguished professor of Department of Materials Science, NCHU, was reappointed. It just happened to coincide with the 100th birthday of NCHU. President Shieu made a speech on the theme of “Leap to a new century after 100 years of deep cultivation”. He expected and encouraged his teams to persist in the spirit of “carrying on the past heritage and opening up the future, and being a follower of past traditions and a trailblazer for future generations”. He encouraged them to work together and develop NCHU’s centenary academic traditions to a highest level in the 21st century.

President Shieu said that it had been four years since he took office on August 1, 2015. Under the full support of the teachers, students and alumni in the past four years, he integrated the national resources with social resources to create remarkable achievements, which include an annual grant of NT$ 350 million for Higher Education Sprout Project offered by Ministry of Education. NCHU was ranked No. 6, and advanced by 2 ranks if compared with the ranking in “Aim for Top University Project”. NCHU was also ranked among the best in Yushan Project for recruiting talents. Besides, NCHU largely increased the number of employees in Merit Pay System, and rewarded the outstanding teachers in all domains.

Under the industry-academy cooperation between NHCU and Bank SinoPac, the construction of “Food and Agriculture Safety Inspection Building” donated by Bank SinoPac is completed. To keep the gate for agricultural products and food safety, both parties are working together to build the first test center in Taiwan with comprehensive functions and leading technologies.

As to strengthening the capacities of scientific research, NCHU has been supported by Ministry of Science and Technology during the recent three years with the subsidies keeping rising from NT$766 million to NT$978 million. The annual subsidy for the cooperative education project nearly amounts to NT$1.9 billion which hits a historic high and is 40% higher than the average value in the past three years. Moreover, NCHU’ GLORIA Project was subsidized by the Ministry in the past two consecutive years to set up the Project Offices in the USA and Vietnam. Consequently, NCHU is able to introduce our scientific research achievements to the international market, and market NCHU brand name worldwide.

To have practical student-based welfare, NCHU had executed a new construction project in past four years to finish two dormitories, one for boy students and the other for girl students, and also reconstructed four boy dormitories and two girl dormitories. It greatly increases accommodation rate (from 24.8% to 41.3%) and upgrades accommodation quality. Besides, NCHU built a brand new student activity center named “Ju Xue Garden” with an area about 1980m2 to meet societies’ dynamic and static needs. The student restaurant “Round Hall” was also reconstructed. Compound food and exotic cuisine are introduced so that the teachers and students have more choices.

For creating a healthy Lohas and iGreen campus, NCHU aggressively carried out a comprehensive planning for campus, repaired old buildings, increased sports facilities including a healthy walking path, a gym, a red clay tennis court, a skating rink, a membrane roofing, etc. For four consecutive years NCHU had been subsidized by Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Economic Affairs to promote a demonstration field project for Smart Campus. This project shapes the campus into a clean, friendly, safe, comfortable, convenient, fast and efficient environment.

To take care of disadvantaged students, NCHU initiated a “Hsing Yi Program” to increase the entrance chances for them by providing the middle-income and low-income disadvantaged students with tuition and fees exemptions, and further by establishing “Hsing Yi Scholarship” composed of the funds raised and obtained from the local businesses so that the disadvantaged students have chances to win a scholarship of NT$400 thousand and hence study at ease. Fulfillment of social responsibility has been one of the important things for NCHU over the recent years. In addition to Hsing Yi Program to assist students, last year NCHU set up a University Social Responsibility Office, and one of the responsibilities is “Drifting Lohas Project” which has provided homeless dogs and cats with medical care. Its contribution is recognized by all circles.

Looking into the new presidency, President Shieu has several goals. Firstly, he would keep making an effort to achieve the objective of setting up a medical college, to restore the facilities of Jian Cheng campus and to establish the campus in Chung Hsing New Village. He thinks it very important to fulfill the said objectives if in next 100 years NCHU will have a large campus and advance to a comprehensive university with necessary colleges and departments. Secondly, President Shieu wants to reinforce the agri-biotechnology and science, integrate the humanities and social sciences with interdisciplinary talents, focus on the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), big data, Internet of Things (IoT) and blockchain technology. He wants to integrate the R&D capabilities of technologies and computer science with agricultural application, and supplement them with human culture. Thus, NCHU will have the most advantages and become a leading university in Taiwan.

On organizational system and construction, NCHU plans to set up a veterinarian training center for international epidemic control. “Nature and Environmental Sciences Building” constructed recently reinforces NCHU’s academic domains of agriculture, natural resources and veterinary medicine that are the superior characteristics of NCHU. Building up a school museum, dormitories in NCHU 5th village and a second restaurant, etc. will be the key points to promote school administration in the future.