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NCHU has Maintained Stable and Close Cooperation in Tertiary Education with Partner Universities in India

Source: Office of International Affairs, National Chung Hsing University/Adam Shih

In order to promote further academic exchanges and strengthen the cooperation between NCHU and tertiary academic institutions in India, Mr. Bijoy Das, the Deputy Director General of the India-Taipei Association, paid a visit to NCHU on 25 September 2020. NCHU is the first university in Taiwan to be visited by the Mr.Das. Since 2017, NCHU has maintained stable and close cooperation in tertiary education with partner universities in India through the efforts of Professor Mu-Min Chen, the former Vice-President for International Affairs at NCHU.

Among them, the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT Guwahati), founded in 1994, is one of the top engineering education and research institutions in India, and is also known as the “Jewel in the Crown of India’s Science Development”. IIT Guwahati signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with NCHU in 2018 to foster close cooperation between the two institutions.

Through this rare opportunity, Professor Chia-Lin Chang, Vice-President for International Affairs, NCHU, led teachers of the university to meet with the Deputy Director General, including Professor Hsi-Harng Yang, Deputy Vice-President for International Affairs; Wen-Ling Deng, Director of the Division of Foreign Student Affairs; Professor Po-Liang Liu, Head of the Graduate Institute of Precise Engineering; and Professor Tak-Shing Ching, Chair of the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering.

After meeting with professors from various areas of expertise, the Deputy Director General met with more than 20 Indian exchange students, as well as Masters and Doctoral students to share his opinions about studying in Taiwan and living abroad. During the meeting, the students also raised the issue of missing out on job opportunities and of visa extensions due to language barriers. The Deputy Director General not only congratulated the Indian exchange students for their excellent academic performances, but also encouraged them to break through the language barrier by learning Chinese and English as much as possible. The students also suggested that the university should promote more Chinese language courses and job opportunities for exchange students so that they can experience a smoother transition in dealing with a different culture.

Furthermore, Mr.Das pointed out that the new National Education Policy 2020 announced by the Indian government recently, as well as its reforms in higher education, will increase the rate of higher education attendance substantially, such as opening the door for foreign universities/Higher Education Institutes to establish campuses in India. He stated that this policy will increase the possibility of cooperation between NCHU and India in terms of higher education.

In addition, the policy emphasizes on interdisciplinary research, encouraging humanities students to engage in minors in science and engineering courses, while science and engineering-oriented universities could establish humanities and social science departments to achieve the education goal of “professional specialists and generalists”. In addition to discussing the existing forms of cooperation, the two sides also planned future agreements with leading Indian universities in various fields to maintain mutual academic and cultural exchanges.