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  • The NCHU Campus Will Be Closed to The Public Starting Now until July 26

The NCHU Campus Will Be Closed to The Public Starting Now until July 26

Source: Office of General Affairs, NCHU/Translate by Office of International Affairs, NCHU

1. Following the regulation of the Ministry of Education (MOE), the NCHU campus will be closed to the public starting now until July 26. To administer the in and out of people from the campus, other entrances and exits will be blocked. Do not arbitrarily go through blocked entrances and exits. Offenders will be held accountable by law.

2. During this period, the identification system on the gate only allow vehicles with certification to enter the campus. Faculty, staff, students, alumni, and retired employee could show certification to get into the university. Those who need to handle affairs inside the campus, please show your ID and relevant certification (e.g. notice of meeting, invitation, email, visitor card, work permit, or other certified document) and let it checked by the information department at the gate.

3. Do not get into the campus if you don’t need to handle any undertakings. No leisure or sports activities shall be done inside the campus. Walking with dogs is also prohibited. Security guards will regularly patrol, closely monitor intruders and submit video if necessary as an evidence.

4. During the period of epidemic prevention, we need all your cooperation and consideration to follow these precautionary measures for the welfare of everyone.

Best regard,
National Chung Hsing University