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NCHU ARCHS held Foresight of Asia Series Lectures

Source:Advanced Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, NCHU

I. China's Foreign Policy and Development of the QUAD
Held by Advanced Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences (ARCHS), NCHU, the first series lecture── China's Foreign Policy and Development of the QUAD── was finished on March 29th. We invited Prof. Chien-Kai Chen(陳建凱教授)from Department of International Studies, Rhodes College as the moderator.

Prof. Chen started with the lecture by explaining how and why Chinese government decided to adapt an aggressive way in diplomacy, called 'Wolf Warrior' diplomacy. In contrast, Japan has gained leadership of international cooperation since Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami in 2004. This is the predecessor of QUAD.

Nowadays, the world still questions how far and to which extend QUAD can do. It is worthy taking more time to observe. In the end of the lecture, Prof. Chen and audiences had a heated discussion. We’d like to show our gratitude to Prof. Chen for bringing this wonderful talk.

II. Taiwan-Japan Relations: Past, Present, and Future
Immediately following the first lecture was the second one on the same day: ARCHS invited two key scholars. They were Prof. Matsuda Yasuhiro(松田康博教授) and Prof. Wei-Hsiu Huang(黃偉修教授) from Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo, Japan, to deliver their speeches.

Prof. Matsuda talked about the key events that have changed Japanese Government’s attitude toward Taiwan-Japan and Taiwan-China Relations. As for Prof. Huang, he focused more on how close it is among Japanese and Taiwanese while the attitude of Japanese Government tends to stay mutual on this issue.

The moderator, Prof. Ho from Department of Japanese Language and Culture, Fu Jen Catholic University, Taiwan, also reminded the audiences to be aware of the attitude that Japanese Government holds correctly instead of misunderstanding the fact. Taiwanese are supposed to make a progress rather than hope others to come and rescue.

There are more distinguished scholars as the speakers in the following lectures in this year. We welcome all researchers, students and anyone who has interest in this topic. Please follow ARCHS on Facebook or our website.
Prof. Matsuda Yasuhiro

Prof. Matsuda Yasuhiro

Prof. Chien-Kai Chen

Prof. Chien-Kai Chen