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NCHU Confirms Second Case of COVID-19

The second case of COVID-19 was confirmed in a student on April 17th , who was a close contact of the first confirmed case identified on April 14th at NCHU. The student has been isolated for home quarantine before being confirmed, and so far is not developing any symptoms. The student was self-aware enough to conduct self-isolation and did not enter the campus four days before being confirmed, which limited further possible spread on campus.

Please be reminded again that you can protect yourself from being infected by having a complete vaccination and booster, staying at home if unwell, wearing a mask and cleaning your hands regularly.

If any of the suspected symptoms appear (e.g., fever, sore throat, respiratory complications, loss of smell or taste, or diarrhea), please wear a medical mask and seek medical attention immediately at a nearby hospital for COVID-19 testing and refrain from using any public transportation. When in the hospital for treatment, please inform the physician regarding your contact and travel history, potential occupational exposure to the virus, as well as anyone around you with similar symptoms. When returning home, please continue to wear a medical mask and avoid making any unnecessary trips.

NCHU Epidemic Prevention Team

Edited and Translated: Ms. Jennifer Chen, Office of International Affairs, NCHU