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NCHU Confirms Fourth Case of COVID-19

The fourth case of COVID-19 was confirmed in a student on April 23rd, and the university has immediately collaborated with Taichung City Government to perform contact tracing. The student felt unwell along with a sore throat on Aril 23rd, whose self-test result was positive, corresponding to the confirmed PCR positive result at the hospital on the same day.

The university collected all the information about the contact tracing and traveling history of the confirmed case in accordance with CECC’s latest “Self-reaction towards Covid-19 regarding confirmed cases and close contacts” once we were informed of the PCR test result. The latest detailed contact tracing shows that the student did not enter the campus nor be in contact with teachers and students on campus two days before being tested positive, namely no potential spreading risks on the campus (ps. yet final confirmation should be made by the public health bureau).

Due to the surge in Covid-19 confirmed cases, namely thousands of people being test positive, please be reminded that you can protect yourself from being infected by having a complete vaccination and booster, staying at home if unwell, wearing a mask and cleaning your hands regularly. Be heedful of suspected symptoms like fever, sore throat, respiratory complications, loss of smell or taste, diarrhea, etc.

If any of the suspected symptoms appear (e.g., fever, sore throat, respiratory complications, loss of smell or taste, or diarrhea), please wear a medical mask and seek medical attention immediately at a nearby hospital. If you are a contact of the close contacts of confirmed cases, having a fever/other suspected symptoms, holding a doctor’s note while being a moderate/high-risk contact who hasn’t done a rapid antigen test given by medical centers, you may get a rapid antigen test kit for a quick check from the Office of Student Health and Counseling Center, and avoid using any public transportation.

When in the hospital for treatment, please inform the physician regarding your contact and travel history, potential occupational exposure to the virus, as well as anyone around you with similar symptoms. When returning home, please continue to wear a medical mask and avoid making any unnecessary trips.

NCHU Epidemic Prevention Team

Translated by Ms. Jennifer Chen, Office of International Affairs, NCHU