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  • National Chung Hsing University Advanced to Guam The first neuter Cooperation for Stray Animals between Taiwan and the United States

National Chung Hsing University Advanced to Guam The first neuter Cooperation for Stray Animals between Taiwan and the United States

This is Taiwan's first transnational inter-university cooperation project on neutering of stray animals! Invited by Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam and University of Guam, the USR project—"StrayLOHAS: Stray Animals Reduction and Welfare Fulfillment"—of the Department of Veterinary Medicine of National Chung Hsing University formed a veterinary medical team of 10 people that had reach Guam on August 2 to launch a two-week neutering campaign. The campaign is expected to neuter nearly 400 dogs and cats to help the local community reverse the problem of stray animals and improve the welfare of related animals.

Ministry of Education's USR StrayLOHAS Project started in 2017, with Associate Professor Shiun-Long Lin from the Department of Veterinary Medicine, NCHU to serve as the principal investigator of the Project. So far, more than 300 veterinary students and veterinary assistants have been committed to neutering, and more than 60 neutering campaigns have been held in remote areas in central and southern Taiwan. The team has solid experience in the promotion and technical training of neutering modules, being committed to promoting animal welfare education. This transnational cooperation can just make up for the shortage of veterinary resources in Guam.

Yin-Lien Chen, Director General of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Guam, says, “Guam has a population of about 170,000 people, nearly 60,000 stray animals, and there are only three veterinarians on the island. The local community is at a loss for the issue of stray animals. Meanwhile, their concept is mainly based on culling. Taiwan has not carried out culling of stray animals. Therefore, TECO spent 2 years communicating with various units in Guam, and University of Guam facilitated this cooperation. Thank National Chung Hsing University for being willing to come to Guam to help. Through this action, we hope to convey that Taiwanese would be happy to help other countries. We can help not only stray animals but also people. This visit of National Chung Hsing University is just the beginning. We believe there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.

The only non-profit stray animal care organization in Guan, namely "Guam Animals in Need" (GAIN), also participates in this cooperation project. As Cyrus Luhr, Chairman of GAIN, said during the pre-departure discussion, being very happy to invite such a large-scale and professional team to Guam, he looked forward to more exchange activities of mutual assistance, mutual benefit and interaction in the future.