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【NCHU Highlight】A Road to Bilingual Talent Cultivation

Create a Multicultural and Multilingual Learning Environment that Values Diversity
EMI is a pedagogical strategy to advance "Internationalization-at-Home". An EMI course encourages teachers and students not only to achieve their academic goals but also interact and collaborate in a multilingual setting. It allows us to enhance domestic students with a global mindset and become bilingual professionals in future.

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), in 2021 over 130,000 international students studied in Taiwan. With an increasing number of international students, we believe it is essential to upgrade our teaching methods to integrate global dimension into the curriculum for all students. This is why professional development projects such as EMI training program for lecturers matter.

Through Online Course to Boost Teachers' Bilingual Teaching Skills
The introduction of “The Certificate in EMI Skills” is to allow higher education teachers to improve English communication skills in the classroom scenarios in a more efficient way.

It is designed by Cambridge Assessment—a non-teaching department of the University of Cambridge.

Through the 40-hour online learning course, teachers are able to increase familiarity with the language of instruction used in class. It is commonly used in many educational institutions. In Academic Year 2021 - 2022, over 180 teachers at NCHU have been awarded the certificates.

Professional development is vital throughout a teacher's career.

This year, we cooperate with Oxford EMI Training and continue to provide systematic training in EMI professional development.

To internationalize our university, we expect to equip more teachers to plunge into EMI course development.

We also encourage our faculty members to form EMI teacher communities.
It is critical for both veteran and novice teachers to exchange their teaching experiences and foster collaboration with one another.

Resources to Improve Students' Speaking Skills
Regarding students' language skills development, Center of EMI supplies MyET Speaking Software—an English oral practice system. Apart from that, we remodeled an audio-visual classroom into an optimized self-learning space & testing center.

In addition, Center of EMI introduces British Council's EnglishScore—it is a mobile app that offers English level tests which assess students’ English proficiency within less than one hour.

Office of Academic Affairs pools a lot of English learning resources together towards one common goal—to encourage our students to become self-directed learners.

Our vision is to become an international university that guides elite professionals towards excellence.

We aim to advance the domestic faculty's EMI teaching skills and cultivate students' global competitiveness.

And now, to increase students' engagement in EMI courses is definitely our top priority.