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NCHU OIA Held “Stand Out; Fit” Open-air Film Festiva

2023-05-05 09:19:51
Source: Pin Tzu Huang, Office of International Affairs of NCHU

The Office of International Affairs, NCHU held the 'Stand Out; Fit 映' Open-air Film Festival from April 28th to 29th, 2023, in the backyard of Administration Hall. 'Embrace' being the theme, the event picked two international films featuring human rights issues and combined post-screening lectures, static exhibitions, online columns, and an eco-friendly market raising awareness among students, faculty, and the public about underlying social issues around the world from different perspectives.

The event name 'Stand Out; Fit 映' was chosen to represent two seemingly contradictory concepts of standing out and fitting in. 'Stand out' refers to being noticeable, while 'Fit in' means adapting and integrating into a group. The Chinese character '映' is pronounced like 'in' and was added to the name to create a sense of reflection. The event aimed to convey the message that everyone could embrace themselves, and embrace differences while being brave enough to break away from the group to find their most authentic self. The event’s name represented deep expectations and implications for “ethnic fusion and cultural acceptance” for Taiwan and the world.

The post-screening lectures invited two well-known film critics, Mr. Wang Chen-Kai, and Mr. Wang, Tsu-Peng, to share their thoughts on campus. Mr. Wang Chen-Kai had long been engaged in independent research and criticism writing on films, contemporary art, and southern culture and had published articles in various publications such as 'Funscreen', 'ARTouch', and 'The News Lens' etc. He was the author of books like 'Dajingtou Movie: Tainan Quan Mei Cinema' and “South Taiwan Film Festival for 20 Years Under the Light Source.” He is currently a director of the Taiwan Southern Film Association and the Taiwan Film Critics Association. Mr. Wang, Tsu-Peng had served as a member of the 4th Asian Film Observation Group of the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival, a media judge for the Taipei Film Awards, and a judge for the Golden Harvest Award Critics Recommendation Award. He is currently a member of the Taiwan Film Critics Association. The two film critics used sharp perspectives to engage in thinking with the audience on the spot, creating very exciting sparks.

Dr. Clyde A. Warden, director of the Division of Information Technology and Innovation at NCHU OIA, indicated that he was looking forward to two films, 'Jojo Rabbit' and 'In the Heights.' He hoped that these films would encourage attendees to reflect and engage in social dialogue. Additionally, he believed that the entertaining movie-watching experience would help people unwind and pay attention to international human rights issues.

The two-day event concluded on the evening of April 29th with an attendance of over 1,300 participants. The event successfully integrated culture, art, education, and social issues, providing a diverse platform for students, faculty, and the public to gain insights into social phenomena from different perspectives. The event exemplified NCHU's commitment to promoting cultural diversity and deep humanistic care. We’re looking forward to continuing promoting similar events to facilitate exchange and collaboration between the campus and society as we work together towards creating a better future.

Special thanks to: 'FMOP (FreshMan Orientation Program)' team.