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NUST International Circulation Loop Project - CH Biotech Enterprise Visit and Cultural Experience

Translated by: Jennifer, Office of International Affairs

Office of International Affairs (OIA) of National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) held the " NUST International Circulation Loop Project - CH Biotech Enterprise Visit and Cultural Experience" event on May 25th. The event combined company visits and cultural experiences which attracted 36 international and local students from various departments of partner universities such as National Chung Hsing University (NCHU), National Chi Nan University (NCNU), and National Changhua University of Education (NCUE). The event was a great success.

During the cultural visit, participants were guided through the renowned Nantou District Handicrafts Research Group (NTCRI) to explore traditional craftsmanship. Through the introductory tour, students gained a deep understanding of Taiwan's local cultural and artistic history, witnessing the "heritage, life, and innovation" of Taiwanese craftsmanship. Additionally, the event included a hands-on experience in indigo dyeing. Under the guidance of experienced artists, students created their own unique handmade crafts, experiencing the application and innovation of traditional crafts in modern life.

In the afternoon, students visited CH Biotech, a company dedicated to the research, development, production, and sale of agricultural biotechnology pharmaceuticals. The company is committed to sustainable development, with a focus on environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction as its main strategies. In addition to developing new pharmaceutical products to assist in climate adaptation and carbon reduction in agricultural areas, the company also researches and produces efficient, precise, and low-carbon plant growth regulators and fertilizers to meet the demands of the modern agricultural market. Moreover, CH Biotech prioritizes the mental health and working environment of its employees. Within the company, there is the only smart therapeutic greenhouse in Asia, creating a comfortable and relaxing space for employees; meanwhile, showcasing CH Biotech's research achievements in the coffee industry.

CH Biotech has collaborated with National Chung Hsing University for many years, establishing a strong relationship with The College of Circular Economy at the university. Together, they engage in research, development, and technical exchanges. During this visit, students were immersed in the world of biotechnology through the insightful guidance of the researchers. They had the opportunity to witness firsthand the production and management practices of the company, as well as gain insights into advanced biotechnology techniques. This experience provided them with a deeper understanding of the unlimited possibilities in research, development, and practical applications of the biotechnology industry.

Through this company visit and cultural experience activity, students had the opportunity to engage in cross-cultural communication, interaction, and collaborative learning. The scope of learning spanned from traditional to modern and future perspectives. It is believed that this activity not only helped strengthen the bond among students but significantly expanded their cultural and industrial
Indigo dyeing at NTCRI

Indigo dyeing at NTCRI

CH Biotech Enterprise Visit

CH Biotech Enterprise Visit

Group photo

Group photo