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NCHU Distinguished Professor Ching-Piao Tsai Honored as CIE Fellow

The Chinese Institute of Engineers (CIE) has bestowed its “Fellow” distinction on National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) Distinguished Professor Ching-Piao Tsai. He is the first NCHU scholar to receive this honor. The CIE held an awards and commendation ceremony on June 6, World Engineers’ Day. Vice President Bi-Khim Hsiao personally conferred the awards and President William Lai received the recipients at the Presidential Office. This honor recognized Professor Tsai’s achievements in and contributions to the field of engineering.

Professor Tsai has taught at NCHU for nearly 40 years, educating a countless number of civil, hydraulic, and ocean engineers over the years. His academia-industry collaboration projects have also been exceptionally successful, and he is a recipient of NCHU’s Outstanding Service Award and Outstanding Academia-Industry Collaboration Award. Professor Tsai’s research specialties are hydrodynamics; ocean engineering and sustainable utilization; wave power generation; and applications of artificial intelligence in ocean engineering. He has published over 200 academic papers, was listed by Stanford University in its “World’s Top 2% Scientists List – Lifetime Scientific Impact Rankings,” and is a fellow of the UK-based Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and the Chinese Institute of Civil and Hydraulic Engineering. He also previously served as the president of the Taiwan Society of Ocean Engineering and the chairperson of CIE’s Taichung Branch.

Professor Tsai has devoted his efforts to ocean affairs-related research, assisting the government and industries in planning, designing, and completing numerous major harbor and coastal projects over the years. More recently, his research and development into breakwater-integrated wave energy harvesting devices and generation systems has received the support of Taiwan Power Company and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and created marine renewable energy development and utilization opportunities in Taiwan.

Professor Tsai is one of the pioneers in applying AI to tidal and wave predictions, and his papers are widely cited. He has also conducted innovative research on coastal hydrodynamics. He recently published the paper “Comparative study of wave height transformation: Bragg reflection versus wave breaking at submerged rectangular breakwaters” in a leading international journal, which can be used for coastal disaster prevention. He has also contributed to the sustainable development of coastal environments through his recent research on innovative and eco-friendly construction methods.

Professor Tsai served as the deputy minister of the Ocean Affairs Council from 2019 until 2022, during which he promoted the development of national ocean policies and affairs and drafted four ocean affairs-related organization acts. For his remarkable contributions, he was awarded the “First Class Ocean Affairs Professional Medal,” “First Class Coast Guard Professional Medal,” “First Class Marine Research Professional Medal,” and “First Class Ocean Conservation Professional Medal.” In 2021, Professor Tsai was invited by magazine “The Economist” to deliver the speech “Marine Energy in Taiwan” during the first edition of the World Ocean Summit Asia-Pacific. In 2022, he represented Taiwan at “Our Ocean Conference” in Palau and affirmed Taiwan’s commitment to “Achieving a Safe, Just and Secure Ocean.”
NCHU Distinguished Professor Ching-Piao Tsai Honored as CIE Fellow

NCHU Distinguished Professor Ching-Piao Tsai Honored as CIE Fellow